Is A Computer Forensic Specialist A Lawyer Or An Engineer?

For those people, who are tech savvy and have a burning desire for investigation and analysis, then the job of computer forensic specialist could be lucrative and rewarding one. This specialist examines storage devices and hard drives such as video game consoles, electronic notebooks, smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, PDAs, cell phones, flash drives or any other electronic device, which hold evidence, are used in a court of law.

The level of analysis might be as simple and easy as any personal computer. The job description of computer forensic includes a balance of informative, investigative and technological skills. Apart from this, it involves the ability for preservation and presentation of the finding so that they are usable as admissible evidence in a court of law. With the availability of technological devices for communication and storage, the professionals of computer forensic are in greater demand.

What does a computer forensic specialist do?

The cases which these specialists work on range from hacker activity, fraud, identity theft, embezzlement to a host of security breaches. Although the work is exciting, it requires strong communication skills, tech-savviness and analytical personality. Besides this, an expert needs to communicate findings legally.

Working atmosphere for a computer forensic specialist

Working atmosphere of this specialist depends on the nature of the work, employer and the total number of specialists, who work in the lab of computer forensic. These specialists work for a private investigation firm, a law office, accounting firms, healthcare organizations, banks, enforcement agencies, national, provincial or local law or other organizations and companies.

Lab of digital forensic can be accessed by those specialists, who carry out work inside because of the hush hush nature of the investigations, which are executed. The working atmosphere generally comprises of computer software and hardware systems, which are employed and also clone and storage devices for safeguarding and collecting digital evidence. Cooling conditions and special heating should be maintained in order not to compromise with the equipment of computer forensics. Being dependent on the job description of the computer forensics, specialists might not be confined to one lab only. Rather, they might have to work in the field, depending on portable workstations. A specialist needs to prepare himself or herself as not to have a Monday to Friday 9-5 work schedule. He or she may be called to carry out work on long shifts during any time of the day.

Skills required for computer forensic specialist

Analytical skills

These skills require ability to make analysis of the digital data and think out of box as a specialist.

Communication skills

These skills require ability to have communications of the finding in an oral manner, in writing and finally to communicate in a cohesive manner with all the corporation, organization or team members.

Technological Skills

These skills require working knowledge of different encryption programs, network and operating systems, the ability to provide IT support and data retrieval procedures.

At last, the question arises, is a computer forensic specialist a Lawyer or an Engineer? Well, pondering over the factors explained above it can be concluded that this specialist is a perfect engineer.

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